School Clothes

Southern Cross Early Childhood School clothes are specially designed to enable young children to be comfortable, active and allow them to engage in play based learning.

Children at Southern Cross Early Childhood School are encouraged to wear the school colours of bright blue and orange. The colours have been specifically selected due to their high visibility and distinctiveness. The design of the clothing is relaxed and comfortable for the early childhood years and most suitable for play-based activities.

When children in Preschool to Year 2 participate in an excursion, families are strongly encouraged, in the interest of child safety, to ensure their children wear school clothes as they "stand out" and are easily distinguished as belonging to Southern Cross Early Childhood School.

Items available for sale include:

Purchasing School Clothing

The School’s unique orange and bright blue school clothes can be purchased for very reasonable prices from the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). Please refer to the links below for stocked items. A display of  school clothes can be viewed ion the P&C noticeboard.

New items can be purchased:

You may notice that the online Uniform Shop lists two colour choices for both the new short-sleeved and new long-sleeved shirts – blue and orange. However, generally only one of these choices will be available at a given time. This is because minimum order requirements from the supplier consume large portions of the P&C budget, so to manage this we alternate ordering each colour. If your preferred colour for sale is marked as ‘sold out’, we recommend either considering purchasing second-hand items, or waiting for us to receive the next order from the supplier (noting it may be some months before a new order is received).

To purchase second-hand items, please:

The small profit made on new items, along with the 100% profit made on second hand items supports the P&C in their objectives to help provide for the school community.

Other clothing:

Pants, shorts, skirts and skorts can be purchased from your local clothing stores e.g. Best ‘n Less; K-mart; Big W; Target; Workin' Gear Schools; or Macdonald's Children's Wear and School Wear, etc. Suggested colours for these other items are navy blue, grey or black.

Donations of Second-Hand Clothes

Our pool of second-hand clothes is dependent on the generous donations from our school community. We gladly accept donations of second-hand short and long sleeve polo shirts, beanies and jumpers at any time throughout the year. Items can be donated to the labelled box near front reception.