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Southern Cross Early Childhood School is located in the suburb of Scullin in the Australian Capital Territory. Scullin is a located in the Belconnen region of Canberra and the school is part of the Belconnen Network of ACT Government Schools.

All children in the Belconnen Network are able to apply for enrolment at Southern Cross Early Childhood School should their families choose.  Priority is given to families that live either in Scullin or in Page, the suburb adjacent to Scullin, and then other suburbs within the Belconnen Network.

Family support and participation is a foundation principle of Southern Cross Early Childhood School.

Families are central to children's development. The security, encouragement and responsiveness that families can provide enable children to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. In forming genuine partnerships with families, the Early Childhood Schools build and draw upon the skills and expertise of parents and carers. Families provide mutual support so staff and families learn from each other.

Southern Cross Early Childhood School provides physical and socio/emotional environments that are child and family friendly where children and families feel a strong sense of belonging to our early childhood community. We acknowledge that programs that are inclusive and sensitive to the diverse backgrounds and needs of children and families are more likely to succeed. Effective education, health, child care and other services for children and families are provided through collaborative partnerships with the community.