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Numeracy Learning at SCECS

Numeracy involves children in recognising the role of Mathematics in the world and having the dispositions and capacities to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully. The Australian Curriculum

Children who are provided with opportunities to engage and be successful in numeracy activities when they are young are more prepared to face the types of numeracy challenges they will encounter. This, in turn, means that they will be more likely to succeed not only in maths, but academically. Foundations for Numeracy, Canadian Child Care Federation

At Southern Cross Early Childhood School, we believe all children are capable of learning and should be encouraged to regard themselves as competent learners.

At Southern Cross we provide a Numeracy program that is accessible and builds on the learners confidence through games and play to extend the learners into deeper understandings by encouraging risk taking and innovation.

We encourage the diversity of solutions to problem solving and foster efficient number strategies.

We utilise quality resources and programs including Schedule for  Early Numeracy Assessment(SENA), Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies(DENS), Count me in Too, A Balanced Numeracy Program, Number Sense, Go Maths and I Can Statements. All of which help us to create an inviting and exciting Numeracy program at Southern Cross.

Differences in children's numeracy skills are often a result of the opportunities they are given to think and talk about number in their home and early learning environments.

Together we can build competent and confident Numeracy practitioners.