Helmet and Vest

The following downloadable documents contain ideas and examples for schools using the Learn to Ride Centre:


Learn to Ride Centre Worksheet (pdfsmall logo 218KB)

Pushing and Scooting (pdfsmall logo 145KB)

Choosing the Right Size Bike (pdfsmall logo 106KB)

Label Your Bicycle (pdfsmall logo 154KB)

Safety Equipment Poster (pdfsmall logo 122KB)

Safety Equipment Poster 2 (pdfsmall logo 92KB)


Safe Cycle at SCECS (pdfsmall logo 8.65MB)

Risk Awareness (pdfsmall logo 379KB)

Perception (pdfsmall logo 244KB)

Intersection Game (pdfsmall logo 1.15MB)

Blank Intersections (pdfsmall logo 270KB)