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The Southern Cross Early Childhood School library is a beautiful welcoming space for children and their families.

All children have access to the library and can borrow books at set times.

Families are welcome to access the library between 8:45am and 9:00am, to read books together and select from our range of puzzles.

Our library includes a range of books and DVD's that may be helpful for parents and carers. They cover a range of topics relating to children's emotional, social, developmental, physical, language and cognitive development.

2018 Class Library times


  • Banyawarra - Tuesday
  • Bancroft - Tuesday
  • Mailman - Friday
  • Morgan - Friday


  • Rogers - Wednesday
  • Freeman - Thursday
  • Oodgeroo - Monday

Year One/Two

  • Peris - Tuesday
  • Kelly - Tuesday
  • Mauboy - Tuesday