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KidsMatter is a national initiative designed to promote mental health and well-being in students and their families. KidsMatter explores the importance of families feeling connected to the community, being aware of the types of support that is available and helping to ensure that children thrive in school and beyond. It is implemented across four components and will take up to three years to embed in our school.

This year we will be starting the KidsMatter cycle again, delivering Component 1.

Component 1 - Positive School Community: Positive relationships at school enable children and families to feel that school is a place where they feel welcome, where they will be listened to and where they can contribute.

Component 2 - Social and Emotional Learning for Students: Learning how to manage feelings and get on with others is an important part of children’s development that helps them learn better and feel good about themselves.

Component 3 - Working with Parents and Carers: For families and schools to work closely together to promote children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Component 4 - Helping Children with Mental Health Difficulties. The staff will be working over the year to develop a shared understanding on how best to help children who may be experiencing difficulties in mental health.

If you would like to learn more about KidsMatter please visit the following website or ask your classroom teacher.

Family Engagement Coordinators for 2019


  • Guginya - Tina Connor
  • Wamburrang- Birgit Lonergan
  • Bunduluk - Martina Fleeton
  • Dnnawan -


  • Dyurra - Tamira Ford
  • Winyu - Craig Methorst
  • Kabbadang - Frances Stewart

Year One/Two

  • Gudamang - Alison Oakleigh
  • Ghaddi -
  • Dyirrigurat - Nicole Haughan
  • Wirria - Rachel Smeal